What is a drone?

  • A "drone" or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a remotely operated unmanned aircraft. Drones are commonly used for aerial photography, video, mapping, search and rescue, agriculture, data collection and more.

Is a license required to fly a drone?

  • In order to use a drone for commercial purposes one must obtain a FAA issued Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. To fly for fun you just need to follow Community Based Guidelines.

  • Brown Owl Imaging pilots are FAA Certified Remote Pilots. We have undergone and continue extensive study and training in aviation theory, laws and UAV operations.   

Can you fly at night?

  • YES! Brown Owl Imaging possesses the FAA required 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver which allows us to fly commercial operations at night.

How do I obtain a remote pilot certificate?

  • Visit faa.gov/uas to find detailed information on what to study, how to apply and where to test.

Does a drone have to be registered?

  • Drones weighing over .55 lbs must be registered with the FAA regardless of use.

  • Any drone used for commercial purposes must be registered. 

 How do I register a drone?